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TruWorkspace Desktop Application
Download Version 0.3.72

This is a PRIVATE BETA link
Only for potential users/customers


Features Highlighted:

  • Record A Video 

  • Record A Screen Share w/audio -


Example Types of Video/Audio Messaging with App


  • VIDEO- Share Screen w/Video Project  Update,  Exp. Jenny Hasan

  • VIDEO- Weekly Status  Update for Manager, Exp. Sanjay Verma


  • VIDEO- Team UpdateExp. Guy Hawkins


  • AUDIO- Giving A Team Member Points (for help on a project),  Exp. Savannah Nguyen


  • VIDEO- CEO Companywide Staff Announcement, Exp. Jonathan Shroyer



  • Personal Progress

  • Projects

  • Teams

  • Departments


  • Rewards- Redeem Points for Gift Cards By Type Given for Projects


  • Recognition- Recognize your team for work on projects


  • Calendar


  • Inspirational Images & Motivational Quotes



Example Projects 

"Marketing Report"

  • Updates

  • Tasks

  • Rewards

  • Dependencies

  • Calendar

  • Statistics

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