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making remote work more collaborative,


productive, and fun.


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Supercharge your online


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●  Make your online workplace- less isolating, exciting, fun, and interactive (main 2-3 adjectives that describe the company)


●  VidDrop is the new exciting and unique video-based interface created to facilitate your remote work experience. VidDrop is here to make remote work more engaging , productive, enjoyable, and less isolating.


●  Give daily video feedback to your employers.


●  Connect with your employees in a personable way with video chat and our virtual hangout space.


●  Reward your employees with monetary and non-monetary incentives. Encourage them to engage with one another by allowing them to award one another with stars.


●  Keep tabs on your employees with goal charts, time clocks, and mood status updates.


●  List of Features (not explanation): Virtual Hangout Space, 5 minute daily Status Video Updates,  Employee Reports and Work Status, Time Clock, App Integrations, Team Feedback feature, Gamification, Motivational Quotations with Inspirational Images.

Remote Teams Have Unique Problems


25% of people feel their manager doesn’t see their full scope of work.

55% agree that they’re expected

to be online to prove to their manager they’re working.

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Problems People Have Working Remotely

Many people love the flexibility of being at home and still working but there can be difficulties in the process.

“Sometimes working at home is relaxing, but there are times when I feel lonely and isolated from my team and I don’t know if they understand what I am working on.” Sara H.


“As a CEO, I find it often difficult to keep track of my remote team's mood and motivation levels. I would like a tool to help me keep a better pulse on my business and my employee morale.” Mike J.

“I notice that I feel while working remotely I need to work hard to prove to my manager that I am online and working efficiently! I don't want to spam them with tons of emails or Slack notifications but I want them to be in the loop that I am getting all my work done. “ Steven M.

“It feels like some of my work is going unnoticed and I am not always getting enough recognition and feedback from my teammates and my Executive Director. I work in engineering and this is important to me.” Zack T.

“I miss the spontaneous interactions or 'water cooler talk' of working in a physical office with my co-workers. I enjoy WFH, but I wish my company would help facilitate me to get to know other employees in a more social and impromptu way which can improve company culture.” Michelle K.

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