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The TruWorkspace Jobs

Passionate. Dedicated. Motivated. Innovative.


The VidDrop team is there to ensure you have a fantastic experience with our product and our business. 

Job Description

Co-Founder & VP of Engineering

A dynamic startup based in the Silicon Valley area seeks a bright, motivated, innovative, hardworking co-founder & VP of Engineering. We have a strong foundation and know what we want the next few years to look like. We are looking for the right co-founder who can communicate the company vision to investors, partners and employees as well as, head up our Engineering Department. An ideal co-founder will be enthusiastic about the product, its road map, and building a $100 million dollar, if not a billion-dollar company over the next several years. As the main engineering talent, you will help code the product and hire and manage your engineering team. If you are based in the San Francisco Bay Area great but if not we are flexible with remote work.

In addition, skill sets required:

- 5-10 years in engineering roles

- Computer science degree

- Bonus points if you have worked for a big-name brand for a least 2 years

- Work with co-founder and team on the product roadmap

- Solid understanding of Google Cloud or AWS (we will finalize which platform after your hired, certification with one would be a great asset)

- Understanding of SaaS revenue models

Other experience that may be helpful:

- Programming languages: Javascript (NodeJS), Go lang, and Python

- Data Ingestion: AWS

- Data Storage: PostgreSQL for all SQL needs

- Virtualization & Container Management: Docker and Kubernetes

- Familiar with Elasticsearch

- Feels comfortable looking over the company’s financial documents and KPI’s


Please send your resume and LinkedIn profile link with the answers to these questions (at least a few sentences, long paragraphs are fine as well)

1) Why do you want to be a startup co-founder? What excites you most about the process? (Note- it’s OK to describe financial rewards)

2) What is the product you have built or worked on that you are most proud of and why?

3) Do you feel comfortable presenting in front of groups and/or C-level executives? Also, rate your comfort level 1-10 (10 being most comfortable).

You will also have to provide 2-3 professional references for the position. We look forward to reviewing your resume and starting what may be the next steps in a very exciting and rewarding career journey. This will be one amazing and possibly very financially rewarding journey! We hope to make you a multi-millionaire in 5-7 years. Cheers!


Compensation DOE $120,000- $200,000 DOE and strong equity package post-funding. The compensation is just a starting place, for the first year or two. After the firm is making strong revenue we can grow your salary to $210,000- $250,000 or more DOE.

Job Type: Full-time (open to part-time in some cases)

Contact EMAIL:

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