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What’s The Future Of Remote Work For This Year?

from Forbes Magazine

These studies impact remote work in 2023...

"Remote Work Findings

If you want to see a comprehensive review of remote work in 2021, Owl Labs is great. But I’ll be summarizing their findings for you. On average, those working from home in 2021:

Were 47% more productive

Spent 10 minutes less per day being unproductive

Worked one more day a week

Why such drastic numbers?

There are a few reasons:

25% of office workers reported office politics distracted their workflow, compared to just 15% of remote workers

34% of office workers said that interruptions from colleagues affected their productivity, compared to only 16% of remote workers

28% of office workers said that their daily commute negatively impacted their productivity, compared to 18% of remote workers"

Image Credit: wayhomestudio



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